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Homebased Boarding

For Our Relocation Clients Only

Hi! ​We are Couga, Pierro, Fire & Axel! The "official" furkids & "fur"staffs of Mamadog!​

Mamadog "cageless homebased boarding" have been operating since 2001 and have served "furs"tomers from all breeds of life! We are proud to mention that all our "furs"tomers (and owners) goes home happy and contented with Mamadog's services! We have even been called a "SPA and resort" by some owners and we pride ourselves on the clean, loving home environment provided for the furkids.

Being pioneers in cageless homebased boarding, we are committed to providing the best and second to none in our services to make our "furs"tomers feel "at home"! At Mamadog, we know that it is never easy for both furkids and their "parents" to be separated. Hence, we strive to make their stay with us "JUST LIKE HOME"!

This will be the best choice you can make for your furkids! Like us, they will be treated first class by our Mommy and Daddy!  No doubt about it! Just look at us! We are S.P.O.I.L.E.D with all the love we can ever get!


Here at Mamadog, there are no cages and all furkids run free through the house.  There will be occasional supervised run in the garden.  Every furkid will be walked morning and evening.

We are extremely selective of the furkids that are allowed to stay with us, to maintain a healthy and friendly home environment. All furkids that stay with us will have to be a toy, small or medium breed (occasionally we do board large, do call and inquire with us!), healthy, friendly and house-trained.  You will be required to bring your furkid(s) over to meet with us prior to your departure so we may access his/her temperament. 

Based on this visit, we reserve the right to deny boarding. After this visit, if necessary, we may require your furkid(s) to do a overnight trail stay so that he/she can familiarized themselves to Mamadog and for us to access him/her better. Again, based on this stay, we reserve the right to deny boarding.

In order to maintain our quality of service, safety and health, we would required all furkid's "parent" to email us a copy of their current up-to-date vaccination paper or a current health certificate from your veterinarian and a signed Boarding Contract before visiting our home with your furkid(s).


Our boarding would include lots and lots of water, occasionally Homebaked cakes & treats, games & fun, and lots of furfriends to play with!


Please note that sudden changes or introduction of new food to the furkids may cause diarrhea/purging.  This is due to the difference of protein content in different food or brand of food.  Therefore, to avoid such complications, Mamadog have stopped providing food as part of our services. You can bring your own food and there will not be any extra charges if the fridge is utilized.



Boarding Rates

Small Dogs : RM55 per day

Medium Dogs : RM65 per day

Large Dogs : RM75 per day

Holiday Surcharge:

RM25 per day

After Hours Surcharge:

RM25 per day


Our Pet Taxi is an added convenience for our busy clients.


​Pick up or Drop off charges is at

RM45 per trip​

Operation Hours

Monday - Friday

10am to 4pm​


Saturday, Sunday, Eves & Public Holidays

10am to 12pm

Business Hours & Appointments


We respectfully ask that you observe our posted hours as this is our private home, and we try to keep a normal business schedule.​ Please do contact us and make an appointment with us before you drop by our home.​ ANY UNPLANNED AND UNANNOUNCED VISITATION WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND DO FORGIVE US IF WE DO NOT ENTERTAIN YOU!


Our 1st time assesment visits & viewing, is only on weekday between 10am and 12pm. Please do call and make an appointment with us.


Please reserve for your furkid's holiday with us in advance as here is limited space.  Weekends and holidays must be booked at least 3 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment!

A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of RM55.00 (Small), RM65.00 (Medium), or RM75.00 (Large) is requested upon the confirmation of your reservation.  We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if payment is not promptly received within 2 days of our confirmation of your reservation.


An After Hour Surcharges is applicable in the following cases:

  • ​Pick-up or drop-off before 10am or after 4pm.​

  • Pick-up or drop-off during weekends or public holidays, before 10am or after 12pm

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